Board of Directors and Bylaws

I am happy to announce that the nonprofit has the requisite number of board members needed for official duties. The first official acts that remain are the first meeting of the assembled board and formal motions to approve bylaws, establish officers, and approve the IRS-1023 tax-exempt application.

One thought on “Board of Directors and Bylaws

  1. In reply to your “Tribal power an important check on ruling elite” in the RG Sept 19th. Thanks for writing that article. I agree wholeheartedly with your positions outlined in that wonderful piece of writing. As Chair of P.O.E.M. (Post Office to Eugene Museum) I would like to extend a hand and make an offer to begin a collaboration. POEM’s goal is to convert the historic Eugene downtown US Post Office into a people’s art museum for Eugene and our entire region. I have been in search of someone in the Native American Community that might share my vision of a 50%/50% Native/European&American collection for our museum along the lines of the Honolulu Art Museum in Hawaii. We would also need the cultural and financial power of the Native Community in a coalition with others in the region to pull this off. Our model is also the Coos Museum in Coos Bay. Senator Hatfield helped that community convert their own WPA era historic downtown post office into what is now the Coos Museum. I have written Senator Merkley about this POEM project and desire to visit the Senator’s Eugene office soon with a delegation to speak to his aides. In short, your article spoke to me and my own work to “curb the elite” in cultural matters and reminded me that my vision has always had Native American partners in mind not just as a winning strategy but as a shared vision (hopefully) going forward to bring into existence a cultural statement for the entire community and region that, in the long run, will be just as important as protecting the rivers and lands that should be regarded as sacred and under our perpetual protection. Sincerely, Jerry Ross, POEM and the POEM blog:


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