Art Pearl, PhD

Professor emeritus, U California, Santa Cruz,

PhD,  Psychology, U of California, Berkeley

Member and Chair, National Institute for Teaching of the Disadvantaged, 1967-69

Invited speaker, White House Conference on Teaching the Disadvantaged, 1966. His paper on Educational Change only paper distributed to all participants

Elected member Santa  Cruz School Board. Reelected, 1988 with 33,000 votes;  6,000 more than any before or since.

Award for social justice, U of Oregon 2008, Award

Emeritus Professor year 2012, UC Santa Cruz 2013.

Author 1972; Democratic Classroom (with Tony Knight) 1999;

Co-Chair, Commission on Democratic Practice, Association Teacher Educator (ATE)

1997-2001, consultant Blackfeet Native American Tribe1880s.

author (with Frank Riessman, New Careers for Poor,

served on committee to provide guidelines for Department of Education “Career Opportunity Program’ita version for New Careers designed for education.

Author.,The Atrocity of Education,1972,

The Democratic classroom (with Tony Knight)